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My Sonic the Hedgehog collection pt3 :iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 1 0 My Sonic the Hedgehog collection pt2 :iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 1 0 My Sonic the Hedgehog collection pt1 :iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 0 0
Nightshade prologue
Nightshade prologue
the everfree forrest, few ponies dare to enter such a dark and weary place.
nopony knows what sort of creatures lurk in its dark corners, or what secrets it holds.
all most ponies know is that it holds the first castle of the cosmic princess' whose ruins were left abondon long ago... or so they thought.
deep in the dark underbelly of the castle ruins lay a labrynth of catacombs, thombs of royals and seddlers alike who once lived on the world above. but they now hold hoast to dark and feindish creautes that seek blood, souls, and flesh whenever they are able to.
these horrid monsters are forever locked in the forrest by a barrier that is set near is boarders that prevent these beings from ever leaving, however some of these creatures learned that the barrier is at its weakest at night, where some are able to slip pass to seek to quarl their dark desires.
these beast ressemble ponies but are far from such relation, for many don't have skin, or even bodies. they are of
:iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 0 10
pony OC: BlindSide :iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 3 0 AH MY BEARD :iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 0 3 my neice :iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 0 2
Something more Pt. 2
Chapter 2
Leo stood there baffled by this sudden question from Aeris. They had been friends for a long time that's for sure. Ever since they were little and in grade school. Leo always watched out for her and she, in her own way, watched out for him. They were together through thick and thin.
But now, Leo faced this one question he honestly did not know how to answer. Was she attractive? To him she was perfect, her long flowing hair, he soft pink fur, her stunning blue eyes, and her strong will and resolve were but of few of her amazing qualities. Leo in short flat out loved her with all his being. He loved her not because of those reason though…he loved her because she was his escape, his escape from his father.
"Leo…?" aeris spoke taking the gray cat from his thoughts
Leo looked at her. Her blue eyes looked at him with a sense of wonder. Leo did not know how to answer her question because, he was afraid that he wasn't good enough for her.
"aeris I…that is…I mean"
:iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 1 3
Neo Eden Pt.3
Chapter 3: Books, Brains, and Brawn
Logthar, not much can be said about this kind giant. He always had a large stature and looked very intimidating. However, just recently an encounter with a mage he changed from a lovable orc to a giant monstrous abomination. Being crossed with a Minotaur and SLAAD he developed quite a scary appearance. But all that couldn't get Logthar down, no sir. He still had a heart of gold and such a caring personality that could make a priest cry with joy.
Now Logthar isn't the smartest bean in the bunch, but that suits him just fine. He believes thinking is too hard and it's easier to just go with the flow. So far this way has worked well for him, but then again not all of us are a 12-foot tall behemoth that can crush a boulder just by stepping on it.
Logthar isn't the one for Books, so the Library of infinite knowledge isn't Logthar's cup of tea, as one would plainly put it. But he wished to stay with his friends, even though he barely knew what was
:iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 0 2
Neo-Eden chapter 2
Chapter 2: Hugs make everything better
Cleo basstete, a simple woman who only wished to travel and find the love of her life. Growing up she was picked on quite a lot on her appearance, being albino and very furry were bad traits to have in the desert. The bright sun was painful on her sensitive eyes, and the warm climate was brutal for her fur, she had suffered some major dehydration in her childhood for her fur. Even when things looked down her parents still told her to push through and be strong. And she did, and now she finds herself in the library of infinite knowledge.
She was told to go keep an eye on a newcomer to the library, a elf lizard man named Zypher, Cleo had seen him before and from what she gathered he had a very conflicted aurora around him. But this did not stop her as she stepped into the garden.
She walked out and stopped as she noticed him leaning against a tree. She got a good look at him. His skin was a bit scaly with a tint of blue. He was fairly muscu
:iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 0 0
Neo-Eden chapter 1
Chapter 1: growing conflict
Zypher a man of simple wants and few needs has constantly found himself in a state of inner conflict of what he truly desires. The power to protect those he holds dear, or love to be able to hold and cherish a significant other. The pride and beastly acts of his adoptive father constantly plague his mind as he wishes that he was stronger so that maybe even a slim chance he could have protected his kind adoptive mother from his fathers drunken rage. The fond memories of his childhood friend…his only friend also lurked in his mind and controlled his actions. Lynette, an elf girl from a family of traveling merchants. She became his only friend and she left after two months she left leaving him with what little happiness she gave him.
Zypher leaned against a tree in the garden of the library of infinite knowledge, the garden was full of many types of plants that Zypher had never seen before so many colors and shapes, however he was not focused on t
:iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 0 0
YGO Tournament pic 1 :iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 0 11
Mature content
Happiness prologue :iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 1 0
magic TG fancard 25 :iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 4 1 magic TG fancard 24 :iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 3 0 magic TG fancard 23 :iconproject-zdi:project-ZDI 2 2


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Zero Doujin Infinite
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Personal Quote: "if you walk alone that dosent mean you are alone."
  • Listening to: the church of the helix choir- all terrain victory
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nuzlocke i was doing didn't go creamed after the second i decided to just play it normally to hone my game.
with this i thought came to mind. i never beat a pokemon game legitly. what do i mean by legit....

now i assume everyone knows the missingno glitch to get a ton of rare candys and master balls. and at that point you can have a lv. 100 caterpie and win.....

and for this i feel lord helix frowns upon me from the PC. so with that in mind i take my fire red and start over...fresh and play the game legitly. it was a long faught road but i clensed my sins in helix's name and thus i played it a second time and beat it flawlessly with my ultimate team of pyros the flareon, ch'ding the farfetched, tron the porygon, sparks the magnaton, alice the dragonair, and titan the dugtrio. 

i may be just pulling your leg with this whole helix thing but its a odd feeling of legit beating a game from your childhood. a sense of pride and joy knowing that you came so far from being a little cheating kid.

and from that i decided to buy a copy of pokemon emerald from my friend tony and start a game there. got a pretty good team but i am starting to feel like a kid again not knowing where to go, who to talk to and how far in level i am supposed to be....but that dosen't stop me from having a good time.

on to sonic stuff, as you know i posted some pictures of my collection that i just wished to share with you. but i got five new additions to this collection, that being sonics 20th anaversary figures from 1991 and 2011 both still in the package, and a sonic wallet, as well as another energy drink....again never going to open it i am just weird that way.

but the crown of my collection is the special issue i ordered of sonic universe...issue 50. 

anyone who knows me i love metal sonic to death, and even more since he basically became a good guy...and i always thought him and nicole would make a great couple and this issue tickles all of my fansies. i am hoping to get this framed i love it so much.

ehem....anyway. last order of news from me to anyone who cares i and trying out larping again and hoping to do alot of table top gaming in the coming month of june as i expect my deadzone pledge package to arrive then. as well as my friend roger coming back to live in town. 

all and all thanks to those who consider me a friend. and as always i will keep an eye on DA for some time, my only wish is i can focus long enough and keep to a story....gah i hate my ADD.....

anyway this is zero signing off for now and good luck and have a nice summer to you all.


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